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Chapter 56 Discussion

Area no Kishi Chapter 56 is out. This is just to let you guys know! You can get it from the Chibisuke-Scans IRC channel, which is #chibisuke-scans on IRCHighway, or... I guess you could just wait for it to hit Mangafox or Onemanga. XD


Personally this arc is my favourite of all the Area no Kishi arcs so far by a long shot. Perhaps it's the whole "delinquent team" aspect or perhaps it's just Kim's damn freckles. I don't know. I loved it when the Enoshima team was introduced... Takase really made it funny, as did Kaiouji and Kaoru :D

But one thing I didn't like was Kim's silly face when he unleashed his master move... I understand that it's an amazing move, and that the expression is probably realistic, but really now? He looks so ridiculous!!


(Big) TK Blog Updates

Hello semi dead comm! Well it's all right, I can't really say anything since I haven't been very active myself. I've been busy with exams and prom for a few months. But releases have started again and so this comm should too! (even if it's just me posting updates and translating Tsukiyama Kaya's blog... muhaha)

Anyway, blog updates:

July 1: Area no Kishi has become a mobile phone game, from what I can gather. You can enter the football clubs of Enoshima, Yoin (a school introduced in one of the later volumes, 12 I think), or Kamakura, and work your way through the season. You can control a character of your choosing, position of your choosing... later on, you'll get a partner (in the case of Enoshima, it'll be Kakeru). I'm assuming the partner for Kamakura will be Yuusuke!! Eventually, the established members of the team (eg. Oda, Sawamura for Enoshima) can be "scouted" into your team as you get better. You train to get stronger, and you even get to meet and steal items off Grey Mask.image cutCollapse )

Sounds pretty exciting to me... too bad I can't play it!

Tsukiyama also talks about Japan's loss in the World Cup. He says that even though they lost, he was very impressed by the team, that it was a truly exceptional team.

In this post dated June 11, Tsukiyama posted up a few portraits that he did of Japan's number 10, Nakamura Shunsuke XD They look gorgeous. Images are below.image cutCollapse )

Finally, in this post from March, Tsukiyama posted up pictures of Enoshima High School sports towels. Excuse me... but I think they look so damn cool. It was given out as a free gift with the weekly magazine Area no Kishi runs in...further image cutCollapse )

Finally... Tsukiyama has a twitter! Yay!! I guess we can tweet him now (well, I don't have a twitter account), but his English isn't that great, so I don't know what would happen if we talked to him in English.

Chapters 52 to 55 have also been released. However, I won't provide direct links anymore... sorry...

Aizawa Art on Tsukiyama's Blog!

Me to self: STOP SPAMMING ALREAD- *shot*

Anyway, I've changed the banner (feel free to complain if you like the previous one more), added links, rules, prettified, etc.

Here's a link: http://tukiyamakaya.dreamlog.jp/archives/2751737.html

Tsukiyama Kaya, artist of Area no Kishi, has put up some chibi pictures of Kakeru and Suguru on his blog :3 They actually came out late February, but I suppose better late than never eh?

All I have to say is that lil!Kakeru is SO. Cuuuuute <3


The comm needs you!

I'll be the first one to say that I'm a complete lj-tard ^^; What I basically mean is that in order to make this comm cooler, I would need some help.. @_@ So, anybody, please? :)
Even if you're too busy and can't be a mod or whatever, I'd at least like to talk about it in this post XD

I was thinking of adding guides like how to download from IRC (if you wanted the releases from Chibisuke-Scans right when they come out) and just discussion threads, and general rules and stuff. Thoughts?


just a crappy crack art :)


i guess it's time to start trying to liven up this place!

I don't have much to contribute except for this piece of crappy fan art (can it even be considered as such...?) I did way back when the first few chapters were being released. I believe there was a line about Kakeru counting his chickens before they hatched. That naturally led to this... (produced on paint)

Warning: big pic?

Cut for sizeCollapse )

I also did that microfic meme from the post before. :)

( Here! )


There was originally a plaintive appeal for aid of an administrative nature here, but I moved it to a separate post so it could be neater. (I'm anal like that)


First Fic Drabbles in this Comm~!

I wonder if I can poke some life into this comm:
I did a microfic meme a few minutes ago.
No slash pairings though; the only pairing I ship in this manga is Kakeru/Seven. =P

BTW, this post was made on March 5th. The clock and calendar of the desktop computer I was using at that time were wrong; I can't edit the date to make it correct because according to LJ, I "can't make back-dated entries in a non-personal journal". (=_=;;) Sorry for any confusion. |||OTL|||


3 Area No Kishi Icons

Um, it's just three but here are some Area No Kishi icons.



Uhm... Hello?

I made 50 icon bases.
Over here @ inksnaps


First Post

This is a rudimentary starter version of the comm for Area no Kishi. Woot!

So, join and post!